Have a Crazy Amount of Energy at the Next Festival

Whether its EDC, Ultra, Coachella, Burning Man, Life in Color, TomorrowWorld, Sasquatch, Electric Forest, Electric Zoo, or any other electronic music festival/concert, these notes are intended to help you increase your energy — as close to Energizer Bunny status as possible.


1. Breathe

Yes, while we’re here, we’re meant to sing, dance, play and have fun, but above all, breathe. Life depends on it and it’s the most accessible way for us to let happy energy flow. Our necessity for air is one of many reasons over-eating, drinking (alcohol), smoking, even yoga, powerlifting, running, dancing, and many more habits can be so addictive. We’re meant to breathe and when we engage in activities that force us to, it’s pretty hard for us to not feel awesome! The difference is, over time, some habits tend to build us up and others… not so much.


Bio Brief:

When we breathe (correctly) our diaphragm contracts, meaning we inhale into our belly (instead of our chest), allowing the stomach to expand. Then, we exhale allowing our stomach to relax. Apparently, when we were babies we all knew how to do this, but somewhere, most of us… stopped? If you’re looking for a short lesson (something schools and universities should be drilling into everyone), the most concise write-up I’ve found is by Michael Rothermel on Mind Body Green: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-18633/a-simple-breathing-exercise-to-give-you-more-energy.html

Regardless of your medicine, breathing=energy. Plus, it’s free!! As Télépopmusik says… “Just breathe

 *If you’re not already, add an empowering breathing habit to your pre-festival warmup. Bonus points for doing it the entire week.


2. Eat Clean

If your eating habits aren’t awesome, no sweat! It doesn’t take much to start feeling awesome and stabilize energy evenly throughout the day. Don’t worry — eating clean doesn’t have to cost a million bucks or leave you starving. Though initial investments for meals can be slightly more at times, your sustained energy levels and time being full are far greater. This gives you the perk of maximizing your time frolicking in the crowd instead of lingering over by the food trucks.


Fats for Fuel:

If you’ve never tried Bulletproof Coffee, you’ve got to! This organic deliciousness boosts ketone levels, is extremely filling, and reduces hunger cravings. Stocking up on good fats and organic veggies (as suggested by The Bulletproof Diet) is a worthwhile shift to make the most out of extended periods of partying. Coming off an awesome Bulletproof meal is a strong way to get and maintain energy going into festival day. Even though Bulletproof has some kick-ass products that pass my nearly impossible standards, you can channel your inner chef and make a legit pre-party Bulletproof meal without BP products referencing the infographic in this article: https://blog.bulletproof.com/the-complete-illustrated-one-page-bulletproof-diet/

In case you love stabilized energy as much as I do, check out more on bulletproof.com. They also sell on Amazon and in Whole Foods!


3. Drink Water

Get some water in your system! On the flip side, not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t stand working in bathroom breaks at a show. Of course, when I finally break, hearing the distant sounds of the banger I was dying to hear all week is a killer.


Be Mindful

For the sake of catching as much of the show as possible, I try my best to avoid time on br trips while also making sure I’m hydrated properly. The only way I’ve been able to do this somewhat accurately is through testing.


For me, festival days don’t vary all too much from my normal day-to-day. Other than sweating a bit more, diet and intake is about the same. If anything changes, its usually consuming an overpriced drink, or, if the show is really long — skipping a meal. For the most part, sticking to water, especially instead of beer, does me solid. It crushes the desire to keep drinking, saves a ton of money, and also saves time waiting at the bar and on br line. As far as maintaining a buzz goes… I camp by the nearest woofer🔊


4. Dance

No one needs a reason to be excited as their next festival approaches. Whether its waking up singing or (not advised) breaking out a few dance moves with your upper-half in traffic, the more energy we exert, the more we increase our body’s energy level.



On the days leading up to your next show, exercise, jump around and most importantly practice your dance moves to prep your body for the intensity that’s on its way. Shake it, twerk, shuffle, cut shapes, whatever moves you’re going to break out, give 'em a test run! Aside from being a baller way to start the day, you can look forward to your sharpened skills, boosted energy, and raised stamina. Come showtime, before the music starts, you’ll be set to jump around for hours. What better way to boost your crew's spirit than being awesome?

*Bonus points if you tag @daft.trunk in your dancing warmup.


Do you have week of or morning of favorite practices that prep you for festival madness? If yes, share with the class! We'd love to hear them. If you’d like more of health-related tips for festival journeys like Ways to Detox After a Festival and Battling Post-Party Hangovers, let us know!


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