Our Mission

Daft Trunk was founded with a free spirit and an impactful objective:  to help aspiring artists afford music production school, while hooking up EDM freaks with original festival wear and new undiscovered beats.


Every idea starts with a problem.  Ours is no surprise: electronic music education is tough to afford.  In 2008, I was a student with multiple jobs, working every free minute when I realized there was no way for me to pay for production school.  It was far easier to get financial assistance to study anything else, which is exactly what I did. Years later, after getting fed up with architecture school, I was working in video production and it was time for my little bro to choose what he wanted to study.  With music production the only thing on his list, I was determined to do what I could to help make it a reality for him.  With much planning and persistence, he got to and graduated production school.  But it wasn’t easy, especially in terms of money.  Many of my friends had similar experiences to me, not being able to study electronic music production due to finances.  Where were the scholarships and grants?
The answer is understandable.  Studying electronic music is still new and while many music programs do exist, curriculums geared specifically to EDM are not yet well enough established and don’t have enough financial support to offer the range of financial assistance that other fields can.


We started Daft Trunk to create a movement.

By partnering with graphic designers to produce unique festival wear, creating a range of engaging competitions for our Future Creator's Fund, and asking everyone’s help to spread the word to as many people as they possibly can, we’re excited to gather a percentage of a percent from the 7+ billion dollars generated by EDM around the world, to give aspiring artists the finances to make studying electronic music production more affordable.


We believe in people pursuing their passion. And for those that want to study, bring more progress — and togetherness — to the incredible EDM world, we, at Daft Trunk, support you; and look forward to raising money through festival clothing sales to help ease the financial burden of studying electronic music production.