Rising Talent

If you're an artist…

It's time. Our community is eager to support new artists that are still on the rise. They want to jam to undiscovered music— which is why we're partnering with universities, trade schools and individual artists (just like you) to share your incredible work with our following. Our goal for you, as Rising Talent, is to contribute to your successful career by increasing your exposure and connecting your work with raving fans. If you're ready to grow your following of long-term supporters, let's do it!

Once per week…

A short email with links to music gets sent to our community of festival-goers. Once your application is approved, this email spotlights you and includes links to your music along with links to where fans can find out more about you. The purpose of the Artist Features are to attract the die-hards that want to be there to watch you, as an artist, go from small-time to big-time.

To get featured…

Apply to boost your brand using the Rising Talent form. Your submission will be reviewed. If approved, you'll receive an email confirmation and a scheduled feature.

In order to provide both you and our audience with an outstanding experience, Artist Feature requests are reviewed with the following guidelines in mind:

You must have at least one active social media profile.

You must have more than 200 and less than 30,000 followers.

Your music must be unique.

You must be able to explain your purpose for creating your music.